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Thymosin Alpha-1

$350/Vial (1 Month Supply)

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a peptide fragment, or a small part of a protein molecule. It’s derived from a protein known as prothymosin alpha. This peptide is made up of a chain of 28 amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. The human body makes Thymosin Alpha-1, and it naturally occurs in tissues like the thymus gland.

Like other peptides, Thymosin Alpha-1 is microscopic in size, but it plays a significant role when it comes to your health. After all, peptides are designed to regulate specific functions in your cells and tissues. Because they have so much control over important biological functions, peptides like Thymosin Alpha-1 are essential to maintaining good health and boosting your natural ability to ward off illness.

In fact, Thymosin Alpha-1 has a key role in overseeing T cells, which are critical to your immune response. The thymus gland is responsible for nurturing T cells and helping them thrive until they reach maturity. When T cells are fully grown, Thymosin Alpha-1 signals the thymus gland to release them as necessary. Upon release, T cells can attack viruses and other markers of disease.

Benefits You Can Expect

Because Thymosin Alpha-1 serves as an immune system modulator, this peptide can help you resist infections, illnesses, and disease. After all, it naturally stimulates T cells to locate and eliminate viruses, bacteria, and even tumor cells. As Thymosin Alpha-1 prompts your body to respond to these invasive organisms, your immune system naturally improves and becomes stronger. This peptide can:

  • Help your immune system become stronger so you can avoid getting sick.
  • Ensure that your T cells work correctly and effectively.
  • Increase the number of T cells your body produces when you're ill.
  • Eradicate compromised cells so they don't multiply.
  • Prevent infections, viruses, and diseases from spreading further in your body.

*The use of these Peptides are not FDA approved*