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Hello, I'm Terra Hartman, and I'm here to empower you on your path to reclaiming optimal health.

While pharmaceutical medicine has its place, its shortcomings in preventing diseases and tackling the root causes of inflammatory disorders are apparent. Grounded in the principles of Functional Medicine, my passion lies in uncovering the origins of diseases and symptoms, with the goal of minimizing dependence on medications and procedures whenever feasible. Through a commitment to knowledge and timely, science-based research, my aim is to empower patients to take control of their healthcare journey. By restoring balance to the entire system and advocating for a healthier lifestyle, we promote the normalization of many disease processes, paving the way to comprehensive well-being.

Common Ailments and Conditions We Treat

Discover personalized solutions for a range of common ailments and conditions at Genesis Integrative Medicine. Our approach goes beyond symptom management, focusing on addressing the root causes of your health challenges. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, gut health issues, or mental health concerns, we employ functional medicine principles to create tailored treatment plans. At Genesis, we specialize in uncovering hidden food sensitivities, managing nutrient deficiencies, and supporting weight loss, thyroid health, and immune function. Experience a holistic approach to wellness as we guide you towards optimal health and vitality.

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